Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SKINNY Vanilla...

I am OFFICIALLY obsessed with Starbucks SKINNY Vanilla Latte!!!! Maybe it makes me feel better because it has the word SKINNY in it (and I am on a diet) but either way it's delicious!!!
Some fellow teachers and I have joined our "Biggest Loser" challenge at school and we are working hard to win that $300 prize. IF that's not motivation enough to lose some weight...I don't know what else is. So, I am realistic...I know that I am not OVERWEIGHT or have a lot to lose. But everyone can firm up and trim down a bit...so that is my goal. My TOP # is 10lbs...but that will even be pretty hard I think. Realistically I would like to lose 7lbs!!! Wish me luck and PLEASE send me or link some fantastic RECIPES for us dieters!!! I already know of some great ones at HAUTE PLATES. Check them out for sure...and share share share!!!


  1. Thanks for the link LOVE Skinny Girl! Your pic made me laugh. I don't drink coffee, but I makeout with my can of Diet Coke every morning =)

    Good Luck! Think of all the cute bathing suits you can buy with $300.

  2. Skinny Vanilla Lattes are my FAVE!!
    I WISH I could leave the house daily to get one. Unfortunately, I am stuck home with my coffee machine instead. Not the same at all. Oh well! PS If you have 7 pounds to loose, I have 100.

  3. GOOD ONE MARTA!!! I am going to "firm" my jiggly legs and loose belly skin. ha ha ha

  4. HA! Cute picture! I love their new cinna dolce la something skinny latte, too. Divine.