Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So, we find out this afternoon whether or not we have jobs for next year. I never thought that being a teacher could be this stressful at this time of year. It's stressful around report card time...or parent teacher conference time. It's stressful at the beginning of the year trying to get organized...and at the end of the year when the kids are BOUNCING off the walls waiting for Summer.
But, now...in March/April it is usually carefree and fun. Since I am a P.E. teacher, this is usually my favorite time of year. We get to go back outside after being trapped indoors for most of the Winter...BARF. I hate being inside. So, this news was SHOCKING to us. At our last board meeting they told us that they didn't think any cuts were going to be made...I think the words they used were, "we are most certain."

REALLY????? Most certain? Now there are 17 of us from 4 schools that have to meet. We are the "newest" teachers...so that is of course expected. I have been teaching for 5 years...2 in the district I am in now. But, it still hurts. The UNKNOWN is the worst. NOT knowing if I am going to have a job next year.

We are pretty sure today is mostly to hand out the R.I.Fs (Reduction in Force). This is basically a "we are not hiring you back next year AS OF RIGHT NOW) Many of the teachers will be hired back...on a very strict list of who has been here the longest and what field you are in. I am one of the lucky ones because I am Physical Education. Most people are not certified to teach P.E. But, there may be a teacher out there in our district that is older that has that certification that they could FORCE to teach P.E. if it saves them money. SO. ANNOYING.

So, the other good thing for me is that a teacher in our district (That is a woman) is retiring after this year at the Middle School. They will have to fill her position with a woman (someone to go into the locker room while they change and so on). And I am the ONLY other female P.E. teacher in the district. So, with her spot open...and I guess technically "mine" would be opening up...It is doubtful that they would have 2 people with secret P.E. degrees out there in our district...let's hope anyway!

So, I am hopeful that things in my area work out...and to all those in our district that are going through this too, I feel for you all. I will keep you posted!!!!!

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