Sunday, March 14, 2010

Go Blue

Just got home from an EXCITING trip to Louisville, KY to watch our lil sister play ball!!! Michigan kicked some butt and won all 4 games!!! So good job Maggie and Michigan. Just posting a few pics of the festivities this weekend!!

Tyler as "the marshmallow man" because of his warm gear :) The kids were all SOOOOO good!! Frigid temperatures...and minimal whining. Can't ask for much more than that!!

Ella and Mommy posing for a quick picture :)
Ella getting her "shades" on by my friend Molly :) Molly is like Ella's second mommy!! LOVE her!!
The boys...We have Marta's hubby, Steve, Maggie's boyfriend, Austin, Adie's hubby, Meade, Dad sneaking in the background, and my hubby, Jimmy!!
Marta and Steve...soooooo cute!!!
Ella and Sophie playing Barbies!! Thank GOD Marta brought the Barbies...that was Ella's entertainment the WHOLE time!!! That's why Marta and Adie are M.O.Y. (Moms of the Year!!! ha ha ha)
Another smile from Tyler :) Such a trooper...even in the cold! LOVE this boy!
Gracie going for a wagon ride!!!
The indoor pool...Ella was in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!
Ella with her NEW swimsuit!!
We had such a blast and tried our best to stay warm. Thanks to everyone that made the trip! Happy Sunday!