Monday, March 29, 2010


Oh welcome back we've missed you so!!! Finally some CONSISTENCY in this miserable and rainy weather we've had. Temps above 50!!! Don't go away PLEASE!

Another reason I love Spring is because of how our yard transforms. Here are some of the first few shots of our front and back yard of beautiful flowers to come. These are the first to bloom...
The Star Magnolia trees...You will notice that EVERYTHING ELSE is blah still...but these get me ready for the fun stuff in our back yard!!
Another beauty by our back patio...
Beautiful trees everywhere in our back yard. I will keep posting pictures as our backyard changes. It is really unbelievable how these trees go from NOTHING to HUGE flowers. I tried to get some before and after pics of these trees...but it wouldn't stop raining last week to get a good shot!! Oh well...maybe next year!!!

Stay tuned...and enjoy your spring weather.

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