Monday, May 7, 2012

A constant test...

This cutie...she is my constant test.
She is so smart and SO much work. She tests me in ways that I never thought I would struggle.
I am a very patient person...or at least I used to be. I am trying to find more of that patience every day.

Ella is easily frustrated. Lots of kids are like this I guess, but her frustration appears in a perfectionist kind if way. Anything that isn't perfect (in her mind) is sure to have a meltdown almost immediately.
Good news is she doesn't do this at school.
Bad news is she ALWAYS does it at home.
To me I find it frustrating that she clearly has control over it. I am SO thankful that she wants to impress her teachers and puts it in check. However, it would be nice if she wanted or tried to impress ME!!
Anyone else feel this way?? If so how do you handle it? What helps?? I would love to hear!!

I feel like our mother-daughter relationship is in jeopardy. I am constantly policing her. I want her to be herself, but I am trying to teach her to relax at the same time. Maybe I have to accept her father in her (very much a perfectionist and easily frustrated). But these are qualities I feel like we can tame down a bit. At least I hope :)

Love this girl :)

We have the best time together :)

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