Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home Tour

So I have decided...very soon I will be hosting a mini home tour on my blog.
Since our addition I have been wanting to show all the magical goodness that we added on to this ANCIENT house.
We have ripped apart and redesigned almost EVERY room in this house.  There were some disaster rooms, and some not so bad.
But, this was the first house Jimmy and I bought TOGETHER and it has been amazing turning it into a home.

I will get started immediately!!

This is the first and easiest before picture...

So you see why I fell in love immediately???
I love old houses.

Sorry this picture is crooked...I will take a better one tomorrow. But the main thing you may notice is that there is an entire ADDITION to the house on the right side.  We also switched out ALL the shutters from white to black.
I wasn't sure about my husband's choice of shutter-color until I saw them afterwards.  I can't argue...the boy's got good taste!!!

Ok one more teaser picture...

  True or False...this is in our master bath?? :)

TRUE...only now it looks like this...

So this is just a preview of our home tour to come.  Keep up and enjoy!!

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