Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gift Ideas

Every year I get a million requests for what my kids want for their birthdays.  I always try and write a blog post noting all these ideas to make it easier on everyone.  Today is the day I will try and get Ella's done...and if we are really lucky, Tyler's too :)

Ella is ALL girl.  She loves everything princess and pink.  
She is obsessed with anything American Girl Doll, but especially clothes!!!

She has a Bitty Baby AND an American Girl Doll, so she loves any accessories that go with either one!
Like this Booster Seat:
 Her Bitty Baby has ONLY the nightgown that she came with, so some clothes for her would be AMAZING on Ella's dream list.
Like this matching swimming outfit :)

She is also obsessed with anything pool oriented.  She loves finding new games to play outside or by the pool since we LIVE out there all summer long. 

Her American Doll would love to spend an evening outdoors with Ella in this tent...
Ella LOVES to wear dresses and to play dress up! The fancier the better.
I am pretty sure ANYTHING on this entire page at Old Navy would make her swoon.
Ella wears a size 5 in almost everything.  Her shoe size is 10.5 :)

Since Ella is starting Kindergarten in the fall (insert tears here) She will need more than just dresses.  She will have to be prepared for P.E. class to make her momma proud!!!!
She could totally rock one of these skorts...also from Old Navy

Their skirt collection is UNREAL as well.  I heart Old Navy!

 They have the most adorable SHORTS collection as well.  She is definitely going to be in need of clothes for school.  Jeans, Khakis, shorts, shirts, dresses, you name it.  You can't go wrong with clothes of ANY kind!!

Back to some fun stuff.  Ella is SUPER into drawing.  Anything artsy is her absolute favorite thing to do.  She is always looking for new ways to be creative.  She loves markers and is slightly obsessed with stencils right now as well.
I can see Ella sitting and designing clothes with this stencil from Amazon...
If anyone has mad carpentry skills you could make Ella one of these "Happy Helper Towers" because she LOVES cooking and helping in the kitchen.  The project is on Ana White's website.
 I unfortunately have NO carpentry skills.  Or I would have one for each of my kiddos!!!!!

So hopefully this helps.  My kids are NOT picky and love absolutely everything.  I just figured when people ask I have something to show them.  These are her favorite things :)

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