Saturday, May 19, 2012


We have FOUR days of school left until summer break. I am so excited. I am seriously going to make a summer bucket list. The kids are at such a FUN age. This may be the best summer yet :)

To recap this week...


Monday was our cougar fun run. My friend and coworker Courtney and I pulled it off and it was great. The kids ran about 1.4 miles and got to stop at stations for snack, drink or hand stamping.

Our station was hand stamping. The back of their shirts said, "you deserve a paw on the back." Each Encore teacher left our print on the kids :)


Tuesday was our PBIS field trip to the Liberty Theater in Murphysboro. It was so neat. We got to bring our own DVD and played it for the good kids. It was really fun!!


Wednesday was our school talent show. The boys PE teacher and I hosted it and it was a blast.

The talent was amazing. So neat to see the kids talents that I normally don't get to see. Most of the talent I see is athletic :)


Thursday was Awards Day. We handed out athletic and academic awards. We definitely had a ton to hand out, but it was great :)


Friday was 8th grade graduation. To say our graduation is a circus would be a complete understatement. The kids were fantastic. So well behaved and polite. The parents and friends crack me up. I guess I just don't get all the's 8th grade, not high school :) ha ha. But it was fun to watch.

For the plans. And I am quite thankful since the back windshield in my car completely shattered last night. It was brutal.

I guess the kids and I will spend all day by the pool

Happy Weekend to all

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