Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I can not believe that in THREE months...
THIS girl...
will be in Kindergarten.
It kind of takes my breathe away. 

Today was officially her last day of Pre-School.  It was adorable.  She LOVED Pre-School, and I am certain she will feel the same about Kindergarten.  I snapped a few pictures this morning before she left.  And a few tears formed in my eyes.  NO WAY can she be this old right???
Tyler was so cute hugging her all morning.  He was so excited for her.  So crazy that HE will be in Pre-School next year!!! I think that will REALLY make me hyperventilate!!! Now in 9 days we can start our summer! The final summer before ACTUAL school starts for both of my babies!!!

I need to make a SERIOUS summer bucket list.  What would you put on your summer bucket list??
Leave me some ideas so that we can start a crazy summer adventure!

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