Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Play time and Mother's Day

It's the time of year where we are seldom inside our house.  We may pop in to use the bathroom, but besides that we are outside.  We have even been cooking out there for the most part!!! 

The kids love being outside and I am the same way.  We even had our first pool party this weekend.

Here are a few snapshots from our outdoor adventures.

Ella is slightly obsessed with climbing trees right now.  We have a couple of awesome climbing trees and she has several scrapes and bruises to make momma proud :)
 Tyler is slightly obsessed with Madagascar and his animals.  They seldom leave his side...they even play outside with him!
 We jump on the trampoline...A LOT!
 Ella does it Michael Jordan style...tongue has to be out when she does a toe touch :)
 Tyler runs around on the trampoline and tries NOT to fall off...it's ridiculous
 These two are getting so cute together though.  I often find them hugging and cuddling...even without me asking them. 
 And every once in a while I see them give a little smooch!! It makes momma's heart melt.
 Speaking of momma...Here is a quick shot from Mother's Day.  We had a nice relaxing day at my parent's house for brunch and then on to our house to host Jimmy's family.  It was a beautiful day.
 Just some of the kiddos posing on Mimo and Grandpa's swing.
I hope all the mothers had wonderful days with their families!!!!

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